How to choose men's earrings. Modern Earrings for Men

Earrings were first men’s jewelry. Already 7 thousand years ago, in ancient Asia, men wore earrings, demonstrating their wealth or a position in society. 
Today earrings are getting one of most favorite men's accessories again. Here are some tips for men to choose earrings that will suit  the personal style well.

When buying earrings think of matching them to skin tone and face shape.
If you have fair skin, earrings in silver, steel or white gold look best on the skin hue. You shouldn't buy rose gold, cause it may accentuate the pink hues of the skin.
Men with pale skin should avoid yellow gold, better to choose white or silver metals.
Lucky ones with olive skin may take any metal, all the colors go well in this case!
Guys with dark skin may choose yellow gold accessories that are the most contrasting and eye-catching against dark skin. But here other metals go well too.

Face shape should also be taken into consideration.
Round earrings are good for the oblong face.
Men with a heart-shaped face should choose straight earrings without curves.
.. While round or curved earrings are good for a square face and also square earrings are good for round face.

Keep in mind, you should match earrings with the overall style. 
Earrings, like other accessories, must complement your overall look well. 
Match the styles of your outfit and jewelry, as well as the colors.
Choose minimalist designs for business and formal attires.
Better to choose small earrings and those proportional to your body. Bulky earrings are difficult to balance with the wear, both physically and stylistically.

There are different earrings styles for men: hoops, huggie earrings, studs, single pendant earring, non-piercing earrings. What one do you prefer?