How to choose the perfect gift. 5 Best Tips for You

Giving gifts is a pleasure both for the one who gives and who receives a gift, but very often it's difficult to choose the right gift... 
After all, the gift that tells about your attitude to a person, and what the person means to you. It's interesting, according to a modern study, most of us prefer gifts that somehow reflect the personality of the person who is giving it. The experiment involved 122 people. They all received iTunes music playlists as a gift from their friends. As a result, those who received music tracks reflecting the taste of the gift-giver were satisfied. The gift of those givers who tried to “tune into” when choosing music, brought less joy. Unexpected, isn't it? 

We have identified 5 ideas for the perfect gift. Check them out!

1. Gift with a story
Gifts that evoke warm memories are especially valuable and enjoyable. They should remind of a pleasant event or period of life. This could also reflect a memory connected to both of you.

2. Handmade
DIY gifts require more time and creative effort. Such a surprise will certainly stay valuable for years to come. Create a beautiful jewelry piece, bake a cake, write a letter, the real one, and put it in the envelope. Put a piece of yourself into a gift.

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3. Emotions
What to give to someone who seems to have everything? Well, of course, emotions! Adrenaline, pleasure and even the expansion of one's horizons, abilities, and skills. It can be a parachute jump, a balloon ride, horse riding lessons, go-carting or photography lessons..! Turn over someone’s world.

4. Surprise
Unexpected gifts without any reason are often the most pleasant. And the whole secret is in the effect of surprise. It often happens that we are pleased not so much with the gift itself, but with the way it was presented.

5. Words of appreciation
The wishes attached to the gift significantly increase its value. A postcard with words of gratitude or love, an inspiring quote engraved on the gift - all that makes the gift more personal and special. 

These tips are easy to follow, aren't they? But they will help you not just to make one more gift, but reflect your personality and your feelings towards the person this gift is for.