Jewish jewelry symbols

Jewelry maintains many roles, from complementing the style and expressing the personal taste to various symbolic meanings that jewelry carries. If we have a look at Jewish jewelry, it not only plays a decorative role but also reflects the spiritual roots of Jewish traditions. Jewish jewelry carries a special meaning. According to the symbolism, it brings happiness, good luck, and health.

The wide range of Jewish jewelry designs usually includes Hamsa, Star of David, Mezuzah, Evil Eye, Kabbalah, Bar Mitzvah jewelry, etc. Made of precious metals such as sterling silver, gold, such jewelry make beautiful, personal and thoughtful gifts.

Israeli or Jewish jewelry has a pure sense of holiness, a wonderful combination of beauty and faith.
Jewish jewelry carries a mystical meaning and the charm of a combination of faith, rich heritage, culture and history.

Kabbalah jewelry is the more popular name for this jewelry, which is popular all over the world.
It has transformed into a popular combination of religion and fashion - Kabbalah jewelry. They say that this is not just stylish but also protects from misfortune, poverty and the evil eye. Kabbalah jewelry is usually made of high-quality materials so that it can remain a talisman for many years.

Choose Jewish bracelets, pendants or necklaces with the symbolic - Hamsa, Star of David, that both look beautiful and are powerful symbols. You may also choose a personalized jewelry piece, engraved in Hebrew, to make an unforgettable gift to remember. This can also be a meaningful engraving of sacred words and mantras or prayers. 

The world of symbols is rich and full of mystery. Why not try to get closer to it with all its power and sacred meanings! If a part of it will become a note of your personal style, it's wonderful, isn't it?