Mens Silver Single Earring - Whale Tail Hoop for Men -Mens Gift

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Fashionable earring for men, single hoop earring with a pendant in nautical style. Whale symbolic for those who are in love with the ocean.

The pendant hoop earring is crafted of solid sterling silver. It comes with a pendant - a whale tail, a symbol of emotional rebirth and peaceful strength.
Lovely accessory for men to make a statement. Wonderful gift for the salor of your heart to any occasion!


- High quality guaranteed
- Silver or oxidized hoop finish available (note your wishes)
- Single earring
- Men's jewelry
- Whale symbol
- Gift for him
- Nice wrapping


Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver 
Diameter - 2/5 inch (12mm )
Whale Tail Pendant 4/5 inch ( 20mm) 
Quantity - 1 earring

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