Non Pierced Earring, Mens Single Hoop Earring, Barbell earring

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Men's accessory, a barbell earring for men. Modern cuff earring for non-pierced ears.

The hoop earring is handmade of high quality sterling silver. The design is simple still eye-catching. 

This is great as a cartilage earring, or as a nose hoop. You don't need to have piercing for the single earring, but it will be fine for the pierced ears as well. Men's jewelry for an elegant look.

- Cartilage earring
- Non Pierced Earring
- Men's accessory
- Lightweight
- High quality guaranteed
- Gift for him
- Nice packing

Solid sterling silver

Diameter 10mm (2/5 inch)
thickness 18 gauge (1 mm)

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