Sward Black Earring, Mens Jewelry and Gift Idea

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Nice single black hoop earring with sword charm. Jewelry piece for him to make a statement. The earring consists of black oxidized silver hoop and a sword charm. The darkened silver is made with quality, so it will always keep its look and color. The sword symbol is represented in different world’s cultures and religions. For example in Christianity the sword symbolism stands for protection and justice. In Buddhism “sword” reaches the truth in everything by cutting through the ignorance. Beautiful and meaningful gift for him! The sword earring will be a stunning addition to anyone’s look. 





Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver or not
Hoop Diameter - 12mm 
Sword - 1 inch (25 mm)
Quantity - One Earring




Sword charm / Feather Charm / Cross Char / Gold Bead
Gift for mem
Statement piece
Worldwide Shipping
Gift package 


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