Are men's earrings - top or flop? New Mens designed earrings for men

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Have a look a new stylish earrings for men?

Earrings for men are by no means just a passing fad. In early 1970s mostly punks wore self-made earrings. In the 90s one saw more men earrings: simple ear studs and hoops made of silver. Today you can see studs and hoops being worn not just by pop stars, footballers or rappers, but also by very different men all over the world. We would like to get to the bottom of the topic of men's earrings with you and find out how long have men started wearing earrings, what prejudices exist in this regard and what meaning earrings have for men.
You will also find here some fine samples of modern men's earrings to choose from.

The history of men's earrings

Unfortunately, it is not known when exactly men began to wear earrings. Historical paintings, however, suggest that men's earrings were worn by the nobility and wealthy classes from around the 17th century. Seafarers and soldiers with earrings can also be traced back through historical finds. Starting with the the French Revolution and up until the second half of the 19th century, different men - from soldiers to petty bourgeois - wore earrings.

Men's earrings in the 20th century
In the 20th century, teenagers started wearing earrings in the 70s. It was at this time that there appeared an unofficial rule that still sometimes applies today: “straight men wear earrings on the left, homosexual men wear them on the right”. In the late 1980s, this rule gradually began to weaken and men began wearing earrings on both the left and right sides. Nowadays, earrings are a natural part of everyday style for men. Depending on their favorite music genre and culture, men choose earrings with gemstones (so-called "brillies"), tunnels, hoop earrings etc.

Men's earrings today

Nowadays rappers as well as followers of other styles of music such as rock, pop, punk wear eye-catching ear studs such as tunnels, wooden ear studs or other statement earrings. Men in everyday life also choose earrings as their constant accessory more and more often, but in more discreet style, like simple studs or hoops.

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Here you can see casual men's earring, feather dangle earring. Cool accessories for men.
Here is a single men's earring that features a feather pendant. The stylish earring is high quality and comfy, perfect for everyday wear. Lightweight and easy to wear. The feather is as a lovely symbol that stands for hope, faith, speed and lightness. Symbolic gift idea for men!

This viking's axe charm earring would make a great gift for him. Minoan Labrys Pendant Earring!
If your man is the one who adores vikings' culture, this pendant earring would be a perfect birthday gift for him. The hoop is available in oxidized or shiny finish. Cool Gift Idea, the earring is crafted of high quality sterling silver.

How should men wear earrings?
“Stylish experts” are still often asked how a man should wear earrings. Right or left - which side means what? In the course of time, a certain interpretation has arisen for the way men wear earrings. Men who wear earrings on the right side are therefore quickly considered homosexual (by the way, this rule does not apply to ear studs, because these are usually worn on both sides). However, nowadays there is no official rule or confirmation for this, as many men do not know this kind of meaning or they simply do not care. We are of the opinion that it should be up to you where and how you want to wear your earrings.

Are you looking for a fine men's accessory to make him a gift? Consider this gold cross earring for men.
Huggie earring crafted of fine gold filled. It is very easy to close it and comfy for wear. The dangling earring comes with a small cross pendant. Cool accent to any style! Perfect boyfriend birthday gift!

These high quality 15mm size hoops are handmade of sterling silver and have been oxidized, the gap between a hoop and ear makes it comfortable for long wear.
The best mens hoop earrings. They are perfect for casual wear or for multiple piercing. No hesitations indeed cool.

Earrings for men - embarrassing or cool?
Should men wear one or more earrings? Jewelry in general as a stylistic tool for men is already a very controversial topic and probably also depends heavily on the jewelry itself. In forum posts one often finds a discussion like: "Earrings for men - embarrassing or cool?" The opinions sometimes differ widely. Nowadays there are hardly any taboos for stylish men. Of course, this also applies to watches, necklaces, bracelets or men's earrings. First and foremost, it depends on whether the jewelry fits the wearer and his overall style.

The exquisite hoop earrings are handmade of quality sterling silver. Do not burden yourself with endless seek for mens earrings hoop.
It can also be a great Cartilage, Helix, Tragus, Nose Ring. This accessory is really fashionable and trendy. If you prefer minimalist style jewelry or multiple piercings this is for you.

Our exquisite black Huggie hoop earrings is made of quality oxidized sterling silver and complemented with a tiny 14K gold filled ball for the accent. Great handmade earrings silver. Our dainty accessory will give a special touch to any style. If you need something first class and noticeable - this is for you ! Lightweight and very comfy for everyday wear.

Stylish men know very well what suits them and use earrings to add necessary accents to their outfits perfectly. If you are in the rock or punk style, there is nothing wrong to experiment with the style.
Whatever jewelry style you choose, pay attention to some important points.
Good quality is particularly important in men's earrings. Men's earrings should never be made of cheap materials, as is often the case with costume jewelry. It is worthy to invest in durable and robust materials, especially if you wear earrings every day. Silver or gold stud earrings, wooden stud earrings or stud earrings made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel are the right ones to choose from.

mens hoop earrings 12mm

standard size mens earrings

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  • Yes, i accept the idea that hoop earrings are a great accessory for men of all ages and styles. They can add a unique, stylish flair to any outfit and are a great way to express individual personality. I see on your store a lot of variations of designs, from subtle mens studs to bold hoops.

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