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Let's have a look at some styles of modern mens necklaces. What styles are in trend? What do they stand for? Because it is only for those who do not go deep, jewelry stands for decorative purposes only. In fact, it has a lot more to tell about.

Men's necklaces

Necklaces in a minimalist style
A trendy choker is perfect for those who prefer minimalist jewelry. Leather cord necklaces are one of the favorites of men and mostly chosen as everyday jewelry. Leather chokers are accessories that go with any wear style. It is a simple, but universal piece of jewelry that sets a nice accent in the overall image without making it flashy.

Here is a trendy leather necklace with a silver tube connector and high grade silver lobster clasp. Made of high quality materials silver gifts for men.
The mens necklace can be really called comfortable one - you take it on and do not feel it. No hesitations - buying our exquisite item - you get the thing you were dreaming about.

Thin Leather Mens Necklace

Next necklace goes with any style and wear well and is always relevant. It is handmade of a genuine leather cord and a silver coin tag. It will be both sides engraved as you wish. Order the tag with a ship as on the pictures to make a fine graduation gift with a wish to have a safe voyage on the sea of life. This would be a fine ID necklace as well with his initials or name engraved. I can make the engraving on the both pendant sides.

Symbolic necklaces

Here we give you a few examples, because the variety of symbols is really great. This brings us to the type of jewelry that is also suitable as a gift for men. Symbols bring a special power with them, they can keep your feeling, dreams or your protective energy for someone you love.

Kabbalah jewelry

This necklace represents Judaica Kabbalah jewelry.
Kabbalah is an ancient set of mystical teachings. Some of the most famous symbols of Kabbalah are tree of life, hamsa, star of David.
The tree of life represents the essence of Kabbalah. It contains all 10 Sephirotes, which are divided into four areas, the latter representing physical existence, the other three being mysteries of the etheric creation.
The hamsa symbol looks like an outstretched hand. The name literally means "five" and stands for the five books of the Torah and is the symbol of peace and healing.
Star of David is the most famous Jewish symbol. It is a symbol of God's rule over the universe in all six directions (up, down, north, south, east, west) and for the duality of human existence: good versus evil, physical versus spiritual world, etc.
Mezuzah is a symbol of protection. The word Mesuzoth is actually a mixture of the two words Maveth and Zaz, which together mean "death, remove yourself". Such a necklace would be an amulet for him. Great gift idea with a special meaning.

Our black leather cord necklace with the Star of David is that ever item you were looking for. Not easy to find mens birthday gifts. You can wear it on its own or with different necklaces for a fashionable layered look. Do not forget that the Star of David is the most important Judaism symbol. The beautiful necklace with the symbolic pendant is a perfect gift for him for any occasion!

Our leather cord necklace with meaningful pendant is supreme. You seek but we already have the best mens anniversary gifts ideas.
The pendant is a well-known Hamsa symbol. It brings its owner happiness, health and good fortune. The necklace looks indeed trendy and will become your favourite one.

Celtic symbols have always been popular. There are many products in the jewelry market with marks that bear a specific Celtic element. To understand how to choose jewelry with the symbols of ancient culture, one needs to understand their meanings.
One of the most unusual and interesting secrets lies in the history of the Celts. Great civilization has disappeared, but its legacy has remained to this day - a culture that later became part of the foundation of modern European culture.
It is very difficult for the modern world to restore the full meaning of the Celtic symbols. But the researchers want to get the secret and are constantly working on it. Today we can only talk about certain symbols using a few examples. They were deciphered thanks to the records of the ancient authors.
The famous Triquetra symbol: three petals of the symbol had many meanings, and each interpretation depended on the intentions of a particular person, the tribe. The sign symbolizes the main aspects of life: spirit, life and space. Trinity reflects concepts such as: soul, body, spirit; the underworld, physical life, and afterlife; God, home and tribe.
Celtic knots. In the Celtic culture they played a leading role: a large number of their varieties speak for them. These are symbols for protection against dark forces and a love symbol that holds the hearts of two lovers together.

Celtic runes. It is difficult to overestimate their importance to civilization as they contain both creative and destructive energies, full of ancient magic which is a great mystery.
Celtic necklaces are a great accessory for men that reflect the individuality of the owner.

Let me represent you our high quality leather cord necklace for men! Exceptionally the best men gift ideas.
The fine, first class and unique necklace will be created personally for you! The Celtic symbol is associated with the infinite cycles of birth and rebirth in both physical and ethereal senses. Think it over! Indeed a meaningful thing. Unbelievable gift idea for your best friend or a special one.

Personalized necklaces

We are moving from symbolic jewelry to individual jewelry. Personalized jewelry is available in a variety of styles and can be engraved with a message of your choosing.

A necklace can also be personalized with a symbol, but not only. With the engraving, you can turn a simple necklace into a really meaningful piece. A pendant with names or initials would probably not be a new idea for you. But what about other engraving ideas?

You can choose a minimalist design and order a meaningful personalization to engrave that could express what you want.

The leather cord necklace with metal tag is really exquisite and dainty. Chilly designer mens necklace. The tag can be engraved with a name or an abbreviation that means something special for you. Order this necklace for to make a gift to remember. Do not forget to write what you wish to engrave at the engraved text area. We create only masterpieces.

There are necklaces with larger pendants that you can engrave a meaningful quote, prayer, or even an entire poem or larger wish on. Such a necklace becomes an inspiration or motivational gift, a beautiful and personal gift.

Another unusual idea for engraving is the GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) of a location. Which place? You choose that! This can be a place where you met your loved one if it is a gift for your boyfriend or husband. Are you looking for the best friend gift? Engrave the coordinates of his dream destination. Or maybe a place that you would love to travel together, visualize your dream this way!

The genuine leather cord necklace comes with a polished stainless steel pendant. Not the simplest thing to choose anniversary gifts for him. The parallelepiped bar can be engraved with a name, words, date, initials, GPS coordinates, any letters and numbers. This can be an important date, GPS latitude longitude coordinates of a dream place or initials of special people. We create only high quality things especially for you. Each item is handmade with much love. Do not forget to write what you wish to engrave at the engraved text area.

Enjoy more fine jewelry for men in my shop!

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