Leather jewelry for men: best stylish choice for him. How to Care for your Leather Jewelry

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Leather jewelry always stays trendy: necklaces, bracelets, various accessories. True elegance is timeless and never goes out of style.

When buying such jewelry, choose high quality leather products. If the jewelry is of high quality and gives the skin a pleasant feeling, it will not just lay in the jewelry box. High-quality leather does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies. Premium leather jewelry can be worn all day long without discomfort.

Look at the fine modern leather jewelry for men to any occasion.

Tired to seek for exquisite birthday gifts for dad? This leather bracelet is that ever masterpiece you were looking for a long time. This high quality ID Wristband can be engraved with any word or name you wish. High quality and unique due to the engraving! Please do not forget what you wish to engrave at the engraved text area. 

Modern, exquisite and high grade bracelet made of Brown or Black Leather and Dark Sterling Silver Components. Nowadays really difficult to make birthday surprises for husband. But here is a good one! The tag can be engraved with initial, name or word up to 5 letters.  No hesitations - it will be marvelous. Please do not forget to write at the engraved text area what you wish to engrave.

Are you looking for a stylish gift for your guitar teacher, or just for your friend who plays the guitar? Consider this unique guys necklace.
This personalized men's necklace is certain to be admired. Crafted in stainless steel, the guitar pick pendant features polished and (not)hammered finish as you choose. Buffed to a brilliant luster, the pendant suspends along a top quality leather cord.
Perfect both for guys and girls who prefer minimalist style to make a personal statement. When ordering the pendant for a gift add an engraving to send a special message with the piece!

Unique engraved Heartbeat men’s bracelet. Gorgeous gift idea for Father’s Day! Beautiful and meaningful jewelry piece personalized with baby heartbeat engraving. The precise work will make the bracelet beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Leather jewelry will keep the primary quality and original look for a long time, if properly cared for. Here are a few rules to keep in mind:

- Do not use solvents (acetone, etc.) to clean the leather as they may change the color of the leather.

- Protect jewelry from sunlight and avoid high humidity.

- Dry the product with a towel after cleaning.

- If you need to iron a leather item, this must be done through several layers of gauze.

- Leather products do not like water. Clean them with special sprays or soap suds with a slightly damp sponge.

- After cleaning, you can apply glycerin for shine (special products are also available).

Today you can choose not only the usual leather bracelets and necklaces, there are a lot of fashionable leather accessories - the choice is rich and waiting for you!
Choose personalized leather jewelry to make a beautiful gift for your loved ones! Leather jewelry is especially popular among men. Even those who do not want to wear jewelry will appreciate the look of fine leather products. Personalized ID cards with names make a fashion statement! Engraved leather bracelets and necklaces can even become heirlooms.

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