Styling tip for men: how to wear necklaces 

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Men wear chains more and more often as a chic statement of jewelry.

Which necklace type are you?

Men's jewelry can add pretty much to any look: To ensure that your choice does not look inappropriate, you should first find out which chain suits best your type. To do this, you have to pay attention to the correct width and length of a chain, which is based on your face shape and body stature - therefore pay attention to the following points:

1. For people with a round face, we recommend a longer chain with a pendant.
2. Jewelry fans who have a square or longer face should opt for a shorter, round chain ...
3. ... and everyone who has an oval face can be pleased that all necklace shapes suit you.

Here are fine men's necklaces to choose from:

Elegant chain necklace makes a thoughtful one-of-a-kind gift. Personalized Mens Necklace for a personal present.
Looking for a custom necklace like a birthday gift idea for him? Would you prefer a gift to remember? The round pendant necklace is the answer for you! A chain with a sterling silver round pendant is ready to be custom personalized. Engrave it with names, initials or add a motivating message to inspire!

A men's accessory that makes a statement. Cord necklace with a custom cross pendant.
The fine necklace is crafted of a high quality leather cord and a stainless steel pendant. The high quality of each design piece is guaranteed.
Add a meaningful symbol. Just write me up to 6 characters you want be on the pendant. Those could be letters or any symbols like: cross, star, heart, half moon, sun, infinity etc..

Fashionable pendant necklace for men. Fine men's necklace with a custom engraving.
Crafted in elegant design, this personalized necklace will be his best ID piece. It is created of a leather cord and a circle pendant that can be both sides engraved as you wish: from names to a motivative quote.
Wonderful gift for him! Make a romantic birthday or Valentine's day gift with a message hidden on the back pendant side.

Do you prefer silver or gold?

The choice of color for your necklace, whether gold or silver, depends on the one hand on your skin and eye color and on the other hand, of course, on your personal preference.
But take into consideration: A lighter skin type usually goes better with silver-colored pieces and a darker type - with gold-colored accessories - but basically you should decide according to your color taste.

Here is a fine silver one!
One-of-a-kind Sound Wave necklace. Unique, stylish and meaningful gift idea for Him.
The Sterling silver ball chain is accented with a metal bar pendant which can be custom personalized. You can lock the words of love and appreciation in a sound wave engraving! Don’t stop your imagination! Favourite lyrics, inspiring quote, Bible verses, a poem line, names of loved ones or child’s first words…The other side of the bar pendant can be classic engraved with words, numbers, GPS coordinates. This necklace will be always close to heart and will remind about the most important things in the world!

Trend 2021: necklace layering

Devote yourself to the 2021 fashion trend: necklace layering. Choose necklaces of different length and combine them freely. You can experiment with metals, leather colors and different pendants as well.

Our high quality leather cord necklace with the metal tag is that ever masterpiece you were looking for him. Our imagination is endless in creating men birthday gifts ideas.
The metal part can be engraved with any name, date or word and make the owner feel unique. Please write what you wish to engrave at the engraved text area.

Here you can find only good gift ideas for men! The design features a nice ball chain and a rectangular tag with a distinctive hand hammered texture.
Personalized jewelries always make us unique and fashionable! We can engrave GPS coordinates or a place (your hometown, city etc.) You can order this exquisite gift for yourself or make the perfect gift for the dearest person! Do not forget to write what you wish to engrave at the engraved text area.

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