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More and more men add rings to the wedding ring. Of course, there is less emphasis on a romantic, playful design than that by women. Rather, robust materials meet an expressive look that should give the wearer that special something.

What styles are there for men's rings?

All men's rings can be divided into four major styles. Depending on the character, the choice falls on statement rings, signet rings, simple rings or filigree designs. A look that each style brings with it reveals when you can wear which ring and which outfit it goes with.

Simple rings

Simple rings are probably the most popular rings in the world of men. Many men still see rings as something feminine that should be bought for women only. In order not to attract much attention, a simple ring is often chosen. The main advantage of it is that the design is timeless and will last for generations.

Look at the fine samples of modern simple rings!

Textured Ring in Black Sterling Silver. Cool ring for him, he will surely like the minimalist style accessory, especially if personalized specially for him.
This nice band ring is handcrafted of oxidized sterling silver. The hammered band features a textured finish and can be inside engraved with names, words or dates you wish.
Choose modern accessories for men in my shop! High quality is guaranteed!

Minimalist style name ring for him or her, engraved Japanese gift idea. Custom birthday gift for someone you love.
The open ring is crafted of fine gold filled, high quality metal that always keeps its primary look. The gold band can be both sides custom engraved to become a name ring or a Japanese, Chinese gift if engraved with the symbols.
Its size is adjustable and will fit for sure, both for guys and girls!
Wonderful gift for someone who is in love with Japanese culture. A fine inspiration gift.

Filigree rings

As the name suggests, filigree rings are very finely crafted. This makes them look noble and light and are those are very discreet. You can upgrade your outfit with a filigree ring quickly and without much effort. Filigree silver rings can be wonderfully combined with elegant or casual looks in summer, for example.

Statement rings

Statement rings are usually very unusual models. They stand out and show the character of the wearer. These rings often follow current trends. Striking colors, shapes and patterns are an absolute must here. With these rings, every outfit gets a very personal touch, the choice of clothes often even takes a back seat.
Can you make a statement still keep it simple and minimalist style? Of course! In this case choose personalized rings for men! You can choose an engraving to express what is important for you.

Custom ring for those, who is in love with mountains and hiking. Perfect gift for hiker, ready to be custom engraved.
The sterling silver ring is created to be engraved with a mountain peak outside and add a hidden message inside. Order it as a talisman, engraved with a mountain symbolizing the peak you wish to reach. Or maybe you'd love to engrave it with Everest?
Wonderful gift for hikers, outdoor and mountains fans!

Stunning Sound Wave ring. Great gift idea for Him! This ring is a beautiful combination of style and uniqueness. The darkened surface of oxidized silver is perfect for custom engraving.One of the most unusual and amazing ideas is Sound Wave engraving.

Signet rings

Signet rings have been around for centuries. These rings exude power and authority. While they used to be worn to identify those in power and to seal and sign documents, this property is no longer needed today. However, the effect is still the same. Wearers of signet rings, which appear like a combination of a simple ring and a statement ring, exude sovereignty and self-confidence.


Stylish accessory, men's jewelry to complement your style. Signet ring to make a statement! The solid ring is handcrafted of high quality sterling silver. The design features a skull that is a symbol of time, power, divinity, gateway, creation. Great symbolic gift for boyfriend, brother, best friend, dad or husband to any occasion!

How do you combine the styles?

With the right styling, the overall look is of course important. Mixing gold and silver jewelry should be avoided if possible. The same rules apply here as in the women's world. A silver chain goes perfectly with a silver ring. Of course, you shouldn't forget your watch, cufflinks or belt buckle. If you use all of these accessories, you should definitely create a coherent overall image. The decision is therefore between gold or silver for each outfit.

Which finger you wear your ring on depends entirely on your personal choice. The most noticeable fingers are of course the thumb and forefinger. Historically, the little finger was reserved for signet rings. The ring finger is currently reserved for the wedding ring or engagement ring. The thumb, index and middle finger are free from historical contaminations and bring out the men's rings particularly well.

Which material is particularly popular?

Most popular materials for men's rings are titanium, silver and stainless steel. White gold is particularly popular for wedding rings.

What rings do you prefer?

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