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If you like elegant jewelry and look for the appropriate pieces for your style but don't know where to start, here is a simple guide to help you choose the basic accessories for men not to be wrong.
Let's start.

So what modern men's jewelry you should take into consideration.


The earrings are a visible accessory. If you have a corporate job, make sure you can afford earrings to suit the required dress code. If your work tolerates such accessories, then you should definitely try earrings. First choose small stud earrings or hoops in dark, neutral colors. Most often, men choose a single earring: a small stud or hoop earrings in silver or gold.
If you already wear earrings and this is an accessory for you, keep experimenting e.g. choosing an earring with a symbolic pendant.
Here are some fine men's earrings in a minimalist style.

This cool earring would make a great men's gift. Black hoop earring!
The earring is crafted of high quality oxidized sterling silver and complemented with a circle dangle. Created for his best look!
Great accessory for him to any style!

Custom men's earcuff. Trendy Mens Jewelry.
Consider this cool customized ear cuff. It's handcrafted of Sterling Silver and features a fine hammered finish.
It can be engraved with up to 7 initials. Lightweight and easy to wear, this trendy accessory looks shiny and can add a personal note to any style.
Great accessory for men with non pierced ears!


Choose first a classic and simple chain. This is not as visible jewelry as earrings, you can simply tuck the necklace under your shirt if necessary. We recommend keeping the necklace style simple, if you are not a rock star of course. But you can still combine some thin necklaces or choose some with pendants. Just make sure all the necklaces go well with each other and your overall style.

Here is a fashionable pendant necklace for men. Fine men's necklace with a custom engraving.
Crafted in elegant design, this personalized necklace will be his best ID piece. It is created of a leather cord and a circle pendant that can be both sides engraved as you wish: from names to a motivative quote.
Wonderful gift for him! Make a romantic birthday or Valentine's day gift with a message hidden on the back pendant side.


In addition to the engagement ring, there are certain ways to wear rings - and styles to hold onto. If you work in a company, limit yourself to a sterling silver or gold band ring in a simple design. Speaking about everyday wear with no style restrictions, you can choose a signet ring or a stacked style (three or more rings on one finger or on multiple fingers). Consider personalized rings to add your look a personal note.

Textured Ring in Black Sterling Silver. Cool ring for him, he will surely like the minimalist style accessory, especially if personalized specially for him.
This nice band ring is handcrafted of oxidized sterling silver. The hammered band features a textured finish and can be inside engraved with names, words or dates you wish.
Choose modern accessories for men in my shop! High quality is guaranteed!

Custom ring for those, who is in love with mountains and hiking. Perfect gift for hiker, ready to be custom engraved.
The sterling silver ring is created to be engraved with a mountain peak outside and add a hidden message inside. Order it as a talisman, engraved with a mountain symbolizing the peak you wish to reach. Or maybe you'd love to engrave it with Everest? Wonderful gift for hikers, outdoor and mountains fans!


Cufflinks are most commonly worn on French cuffed shirts. You may stick to classic styles in silver, gold square or round buttons. Avoid fancy diamond jewelry like skulls, such rarely look appropriate. However, you can still experiment with designs and choose simple cufflinks, but with an unusual design, such as pencil or a lock, which may even reflect the area in which you are working.

The tie clip or tie chain

A tie clip anchors under the shirt to keep your tie in place. This piece of jewelry is small, but you can play around with many options when styling it. Start with a classic clip, but also try a fun clip with a personal meaning like an animal or a sports tie bar. Make sure the color matches the rest of your outfit.

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