Men's bracelets - most popular men's accessory in everyday life

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Bracelets are one of most popular parts of a stylish men's wardrobe. No wonder! They make a fine accent in the overall style!

What and how to wear?

Sure, there is not just one bracelet, but different styles and things that you should pay attention to when choosing. First it is important to recognize the role of a men's bracelet in your own outfit. In this sense a bracelet is not different from other pieces of jewelry for men, such as a necklace or a ring. The bracelet is worn to set a special accent - but not to be presented as the centerpiece of the outfit.

In everyday life you should think about it before putting on a bracelet. A rather reserved, metal elegant bracelet goes well with such an outfit as a suit and tie. If you prefer to wear comfortable linen trousers with a tropical shirt, then leather, rope bracelets are good for this look. But anyway, the men's bracelet has the role to complement well the overall image.
Your style is the way you present yourself. So you should think what details and accessories will round off the outfit and so the style.
For bracelets of all kinds, it is also important to ensure that the size is correct. A large, chunky metal bracelet that slides back and forth on your arm just doesn't look good. Bracelets that have a bigger weight should be worn closer to the wrist. Lighter bracelets such as leather, rope and pearl bracelets can be worn a little looser.

How do you wear men's bracelets and what should you watch out for?
One problem with wearing bracelets for men is the fact that most classic menswear doesn't leave room for them. Unless you pay attention when buying the clothes that the suit and the shirt cuffs offer enough space to wear a bracelet. However, this is usually not the case, so you can see most bracelets only in summer when men wear appropriately short clothes.
Still, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind that make it look like you're not just randomly wearing the men's bracelets.
Treat bracelets like watches - they stay on the skin, hidden under the sleeve, long enough to cover them.
Stack as many thin leather and rope bracelets as you like on the same wrist; but do not do the same with thick metal bracelets.
The same applies to wearing thin bracelets with your own wristwatch, it makes no problem unless it is a thick metal bracelet in combination with a wristwatch, they are not easy to match.
You should not wear the same bracelets on both wrists, unless you are a rock star.
As always, rules can be broken. Nevertheless, when you start wearing men's bracelets, you should pay attention to the rules. At least until you have developed an appropriate feeling for wearing and combining bracelets for men.

Styles of men's bracelets

Metal bracelets for men
Metal bracelets are probably the highest quality and most popular bracelets for men. Still, these come in a variety of designs and styles. These are most likely to be worn with suits, shirts and ties. But even with jeans and polo shirts, they look good, even if, in my opinion, a leather bracelet fits better here. Metal bracelets for men are solid, cool, minimalist and therefore ideal for everyday wear.
This type of bracelet is intended to add a small but fine accent to your outfit that occasionally flashes on your wrist. A real eye-catcher, especially in combination with high-quality clothing and a chic watch on the other wrist.
If you consciously wear such a bracelet, you can also think of ​​using shorter sleeves for your own shirt. However, this also depends on how thick the bracelet is and whether there is otherwise a bulge under the shirt cuff. In no case should you wear the bracelet over your shirt. Absolute no-go. Furthermore, you shouldn't dare too much in terms of color, one, highly two metal colors are sufficient.
And please, please refrain or be careful with stones or other flashy decorations.

Let us look at some examples!
Personalize this Black Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet for him!
The cuff comes in the oxidized black or shiny silver finish in minimalist style to suit his masculine style. Handrafted in high quality sterling silver, the quality wide cuff can be personalizeded with the identification you choose on the both sides.
The USAF cuff makes a perfect Independence day gift!

Update his look with this classic men's bracelet. Perfect Personalized gift to Father's day, groomsmen etc.
Handcrafted sterling silver bracelet in adjustable size. It will feature the engraving you want. Top quality is guaranteed! Engrave a meaningful quote outside and add a secret message inside. Beautiful gift for dad with the names of his children, or an ID cuff for boyfriend to any occasion!

Rope and knitted bracelets for men
So-called rope and knitted bracelets are much more casual than metal bracelets. These are available in different designs, layers and types of wrapping. Bracelets made of a rope with woven-in pearls are a classic accessory for surfers or beach holiday makers. If you like it a bit more rustic, you can rely on bracelets made of a strong cord.
It is definitely not the best choice for office wear. In creative professions, such as the graphics and advertising industry, you can't go wrong with rope and knitted bracelets for men.

Here is a trendy and stylish, this handmade bracelet looks great any time. Black leather cords bracelet for him.
Handcrafted from high quality leather cords, the design features gold or silver beads in a lovely combination. The bracelet goes with any wear well.
Its size is adjustable, the band has a chain part. You can change its size by choosing a link of the chain and locking the safe lobster clasp on it. Perfect gift for boyfriend, husband to birthday, anniversary or any other occasion!

Rubber bracelets for men
Who doesn't know rubber bracelets for men? I still remember my teenage years when these types of bracelets were worn. If choosing such bracelets you should not integrate them into your outfit on a daily basis. Nevertheless, these bracelets provide men with the right splash of color, especially in summer.
However, you shouldn't wear the same rubber bracelet every day, because the material used is very fragile and tends to break over time.

Leather bracelets for men

Certainly the kind of bracelets of which there are most variants. Either solid and simple, sophisticatedly braided or even in a striking punk style - everything seems possible. The latter variant in particular goes wonderfully with a pair of rough boots, slightly torn jeans and a simple black T-shirt. The simple bands look wonderful on the wrist on which the watch is worn too. Here you should make sure that the color of the leather on the strap matches that of the watch.
Especially in summer, with short shirts and polos, leather bracelets are my first choice. Mostly a little playful, intertwined and often in different strengths. Looks good, can also be left on while swimming and the brown tones of the leather bracelets match most outfits without having to hide them.

To your consideration our exquisite nautical cuff made of genuine leather and silver components. Rusty and dainty presents for men. The anchor symbolizes Hope, Safety and Stability the every man need. You cab ve sure - he will appreciate your choice !

High quality bracelet for men, braided leather cuff. Multi-layer cuff bracelet in beautiful colors to complement your style.
The double bracelet in genuine leather comes in blue, black or brown colors. Gold accents add some shiny details. Two layers wrap around the hand and finish with a safe magnetic clasp. Suits any men's outfit well! Gift idea for your loved man to birthday, anniversary, wedding, Thanksgiving day, Father's day etc.

Tired to seek for exquisite birthday gifts for dad? This leather bracelet is that ever masterpiece you were looking for a long time.
This high quality ID Wristband can be engraved with any word or name you wish. High quality and unique due to the engraving! Please do not forget what you wish to engrave at the engraved text area.

What is your favorite style?

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