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Men's jewelry is nowadays absolute a separate style and fashion world. But in fact, still not every man dare to underline his personal style with some special accessories. So is it ok to wear jewelry or not, if you are a strong and maskuline creature? And which jewelry to choose? Here you will find the most important tips how to choose and wear men's jewelry.

It is not also easy for women when it comes to jewelry - if they want to make the right choice. But women do take time to find their way and the best suiting jewelry, while it's not what men really like to do. Of course, wearing jewelry is a matter of personal taste, style and occasion. A gentleman should always first ask himself: what suits me and what jewelry may represent my style?

Your style and your personal taste already determine the direction of the men's jewelry you go for. Take Karl Lagerfeld as an example: He is one of the greatest fashion designers of all time, is considered to be not just talented but also very well-educated. He acted in a highly style-forming manner and was very stylish in everything. He wore jewelry a lot and liked to present himself, for example, with large rocking silver rings or exquisite, diamond-set Art Deco jewelry. But: His appearance was also that of a self-created, artificial figure in the dazzling dance of the fashion world.

The chosen jewelry arises from a social context

What do we learn from it? Jewelry, like clothing, takes place in the social context of the person who wears it. The motorcyclist who likes to listen to hard rock and feels comfortable with his buddies at appropriate events can wear thick skull rings or pendants in the form of hissing cobras on massive chains. Or even the Italian ice cream seller fulfills the cliché when he shows a thick gold chain with a zodiac pendant in the sufficiently open shirt front on tanned skin.

When it comes to jewelry, you should first ask yourself the question: Which social group do I belong to or do I want to belong to? The answer to that question also decides which jewelry you should wear. Of course, in spite of everything, the eternal question still remains: How does the really "good taste" appear when wearing men's jewelry?

If you are not sure or those questions bring you in confusion, start with classic jewelry in minimalist style.
Here you will find some samples of

modern men's jewelry

Nice bracelet for men, men's jewelry for any style. Simple yet stylish curb-link bracelet for men.
The silver bracelet is crafted of high quality stainless steel. It is durable and perfect to any wear. You can wet it, swim with it in a pool. The bracelet will keep the fine original look because of the quality metal. It doesn't rust or fade.

Personalized cuff, great gift idea for men! The men's bracelet is handcrafted of sterling silver and comes with a lovely textured finish. Add your hidden inside engraved message: words of love, a quote, a date to remember etc. Great birthday or anniversary gift, Father's day present etc.

Men's necklace that is certain to be admired. Crafted in stainless steel, the guitar pick pendant features polished and (not)hammered finish as you choose. Buffed to a brilliant luster, the pendant suspends along a top quality leather cord.
Perfect both for guys and girls who prefer minimalist style to make a personal statement. When ordering the pendant for a gift add an engraving to send a special message with the piece!

Casual men's earring, feather dangle earring. Cool accessories for men.
Here is a single men's earring that features a feather pendant. The stylish earring is high quality and comfy, perfect for everyday wear. Lightweight and easy to wear.
The feather is as a lovely symbol that stands for hope, faith, speed and lightness. Symbolic gift idea for men!

Tasteful & emphasizing style

In all epochs of cultural history, jewelry was a part of the men's style all around world. In the baroque and rococo periods this even led to such lavish excesses of jewelry that rich men at the end of the epoch really looked ridiculous with all their decorations. As a counter-reaction, the strict, almost ascetic simplicity of the post-Napoleonic era emerged.

Anyone who distinguishes himself as a man with good style today - and this applies to the entire western world - adheres more than ever to classics and the golden motto: less is more! At work, a perfectly fitting suit made of fine cloth is recommended as a basis, and in leisure time a plain shirt from a good manufacturer combined with a jacket or cashmere sweater. To the right and left of this basic style there are still some jewelry options available to the gentlemen, but these are limited.

If you want to express your style and not overdo with the accessories, choose minimalist personalized jewelry. Send your message to the world in such a way and make sure, your style gets an individual note.

Show your gratitude to the soldier with the custom military gift. US Army jewelry, unique personalized bracelet!
This high quality bracelet is made in sterling silver and comes in a shiny and oxidized finishes, as you like. Turn it into ID cuff, engraved with initials, names, Army mottos or logos to make it more personal. The bracelet can be both sides personalized. Turn it into honor, this could become a memory piece.

One-of-a-kind personalized bracelet for men. Personalized boyfriend gift he will surely love!
The engraved mens bracelet is handcrafted of high quality genuine leather and a metal plate to be both sides personalized with names, words - any message you wish. Create an encouragement gift for him to birthday, anniversary or any other occasion! Add a hidden message, inside engraved, just for him!
The cuff is adjustable, it comes with two snaps to regulate the size.

Stunning Razor Blade necklace for Him. Unique jewelry piece with custom engraving. This stylish and unusual Razor Blade necklace will be a great addition to every look. The necklace consists of a ball silver chain and stainless steel pendant which can be engraved as you wish: words, names, dates or a short saying. The stainless steel finish is masculine, it looks casual. The Razor Blade necklace is great worn alone or layered with another one. High quality and personal touch will create the perfect gift for Him!

Looking for a memorable gift for your boyfriend? Here is a custom engraved silver ring for men.
Top quality sterling silver band ring, that is ready to be both sides inscribed as you wish. The band comes with the quote: "In God I Move and Breathe and Have My Being". I can also personalize it with names or dates! Inside engraved, it gets a romantic touch.
The wide ring features an adjustable size and makes a great gift to remember!

Men's jewelry deluxe - less is more

And so when it comes to jewelry, the modern gentleman usually limits himself to the marriage and / or family ring, the noble but simple wristwatch and the pair of exquisite cufflinks made of precious metal.
Add a simple stylish bracelet, stud earrings, a pendant necklace. But be very careful with fancy jewelry: brilliant-studded wristwatches, large signet rings with gems (if that doesn't make a match with your overall style, this may really look ridiculous and not stylish at all)!

Create your style by yourself! First, follow some golden rules, and then add a piece of individuality to your image. Remember that jewelry is a spice. Too much spice spoils the dish, but without it the food doesn't taste, so does the style.

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