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Fashion dictates us, how to create a stylish image. But nowadays men do understand that looking stylish for a particular person first of all means to choose things that help one to feel harmonious and confident. Even more, it's getting more and more important to express one's individuality. This is what designers and stylists aim. If we are artists of our image, we must remember that our image reflects the personality. Let's talk today about jewelry and accessories for men that help to do it best: to make the style personal and unique.

Here you will find three most popular jewelry styles for men and fine samples to choose from.

Custom rings

To add some unique accents to your style you first need to think about what is important and valuable to you, what you want to highlight, what to hide from eyes of other people. Choose a custom jewelry design or two to add something truly unique to your look. It can be a bracelet or pendant, a ring with a symbol, an engraved logo, or some inscribed words like a mantra, those to inspire every day. Such things make the style unique and give it personality. So what about rings?

With the exception of the engagement ring, there are certain ways to wear rings and so styles to hold onto. If you just start to experiment with the rings styles, choose first a sterling silver or gold band ring in a simple design. If you want more, consider a signet ring or a layered style (three or more rings on one or more fingers) for a rock style like your favorite frontman has.

Look at the modern Viking Jewelry, engraved band ring for men! Personalized Band for him.
Oxidized or shiny finished sterling silver ring for modern vikings. This is an adjustable ring that can be engraved with custom runes. The word 'runa' means 'mystery'. These are magical and alphabetical signs. Send him your magical message outside or inside engraved with this fine Norse Jewelry piece.

Sacred mantra ring with custom engraved powerful mantras, one on the inside of the ring, and another mantra on the outside. Meaningful gift idea for your loved one.
Handmade sterling silver ring features a polished surface to be both sides engraved for you. It is designed in unisex style and is perfect both for men and women. Choose a meaningful engraving to make a thoughtful gift. The ring may carry powerful mantras engraved inside and outside in Hindi, Sanskrit or any other language. You may wish something or create a protective jewelry piece.

Personalized bracelets

Probably the most popular men's accessory is a bracelet. If we choose from all the bracelets, then two styles seem to be most appreciated by men: metal cuffs and leather bracelets.

When choosing leather jewelry, choose products made of high quality leather. If the jewelry is of high quality and gives a sense of comfort, then you will definitely be wearing it, not just keeping it in a box. Genuine leather gives the skin a pleasant touch, does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies. High quality leather bracelets can be worn all day.

Leather jewelry has always been popular with men. Even those who do not wear jewelry will appreciate the look of exquisite leather goods. Personalized names, identification details make a statement. Leather bracelets and necklaces with a quote engraving can become an heirloom.

Consider the one-of-a-kind personalized bracelet for men. The engraved mens bracelet is handcrafted of high quality genuine leather and a metal plate to be both sides personalized with names, words - any message you wish. Create an encouragement gift for him to birthday, anniversary or any other occasion! Add a hidden message, inside engraved, just for him! The cuff is adjustable, it comes with two snaps to regulate the size.

Silver or gold cuffs are perfect to be engraved and add that unique touch to any image.
Like this bold and distinguished, this bracelet defines the confident man and gives the style a personal touch. Here is a fine idea for you, personalized men's bracelet!
The fine cuff is handcrafted of high quality sterling silver. It is ready to be both sides custom engraved to become an one-of-a-kind gift for your man. What to engrave, it's up to your wish! Send a message of love, a wish or a moto! Do you want to send him a hidden message? The inside engraved message will be for his eyes only.
Beautiful hubby gift to any occasion: birthday, anniversary, Christmas etc.

Elegant and distinguished, this cuff bracelet defines the confident man and gives the style a personal touch. Anniversary gift idea for you, personalized men's bracelet!
The cuff is handcrafted of high quality sterling silver. It is ready to be both sides personalized to become an one-of-a-kind gift for your husband. What to engrave, it's up to your wish! Engrave a date for your anniversary gift - Custom Roman Numeral Bracelet. Send a message of love, a secret wish inside! The inside engraved message will be for his eyes only.
I can make the engraving in fine English font or in the one you choose.

Military personalized bracelet in black finish. The bracelet is crafted in oxidized sterling silver. This black ID band can be customized with your message both outside and/or inside engraved. It could be a KIA bracelet, a fine Military Veterans Gift to Independence day etc. Your engraving will make it special. The bracelet features an adjustable size and will certainly fit any wrist.

Engraved necklaces

Do we want to look at some necklaces that will suit men of different tastes and styles? Or such ones that make a cool birthday gift idea for boyfriend, husband, etc. Here we are.
Choose classic and simple personalized styles. A thin, solid gold or silver chain goes well with every outfit. Such pieces of jewelry are not as visible as earrings. They can simply be tucked under the shirt if necessary. However, we recommend keeping the style of the necklace simple unless you are obviously a rock star. You can still combine some delicate necklaces or choose some with pendants. Just make sure they go well with each other and your overall style.

Personal engraved necklace to add some personal touch to men's image.
The necklace is crafted of sterling silver and comes with a small pendant that can be engraved with a name, an inspiring word or a date of an important day in his life. Finest gift idea for men to any occasion. The chain is 19'', but you can make it shorter by cutting a piece of it. The necklace secures with a safe clasp, it's easy and comfy to close it.

What about a really unique piece? Like this personalized soundwave necklace. Amazing and deeply personal gift for husband, boyfriend, bother, father. The necklace is made of quality sterling silver. The rectangular plate is waiting to be engraved with a soundwave message of your choice! Maybe it could be words of love and appreciation? Or sweet first words of your child? The engraving can be done on both sides. Stylish and simple design of the necklace will always be relevant. It is perfect to give for any occasion: wedding anniversary, birthday, Father’s day or no occasion at all! The silver necklace will be delivered beautifully packaged – ready for making surprise!

Cool, distinctive, elegant necklace for men. One of my bestsellers as gifts for husband.
The necklace is made of quality gold filled, the metal always keeps its color and original look. The pendant features a triangle shape. It has enough space to be personalized as you want. I can engrave up to 5 words, dates you wish. This can be words from a prayer to turn the necklace into a talisman.

What piece do you like most?

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