Memorial Day 2021: facts and traditions. Best personalized jewelry gifts for your Hero

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Memorial Day is a federal holiday in USA that is celebrated on the last Monday in May to honor the men and women who died while serving in the army. In 2021, Memorial Day will be celebrated on Monday, May 31.

Do you know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day?

On both Memorial Day and Veterans Day, it is common to take some time remembering and honoring the veterans who have served the United States. However, there is a difference between the two holidays:
Memorial Day commemorates the men and women who died while serving in their country's armed forces, especially those who died in action. In other words, the main purpose of Memorial Day is to honor the memory of the veterans who sacrificed themselves for their country. People spend time remembering those who died and could not return home, reflecting on their lives and our luxury and freedom that we enjoy today. We might think about how we can support and protect their grieving families and loved ones who are left behind.

Veterans Day is a day to thank and honor just everyone who served in war or peace, whether they died or survived. Veterans Day is always officially celebrated on November 11, no matter what day of the week it falls on.

However of course it's not forbidden to honor the Veterans on Memorial Day too. Even a small sign of attention and appreciation can bring much support and make the day for the people who have this very difficult job.
So here you can get some gift ideas for your hero, who is serving in the army, Veteran or for a friend who lost his or her loved one.

Show your gratitude to the soldier with the custom military gift. US Army jewelry, unique personalized bracelet!
This high quality bracelet is made in sterling silver and comes in a shiny and oxidized finishes, as you like. Turn it into ID cuff, engraved with initials, names, Army mottos or logos to make it more personal. The bracelet can be both sides personalized. Turn it into honor, this could become a memory piece.

Custom engraved bracelet to make a great marines, oficers or veterans gift.
Army/ Air Force / Navy Seal / Veteran gift idea.
This is a personalized military bracelet to make a great Independence Day, Veteran, Father's day, Graduation gift for your hero! Crafted of Solid Sterling Silver 925, the cuff comes in oxidized or not oxidized finish. The wide bracelet features much space to be custom engraved on the both sides as you wish. I can engrave it not just with words, numerals, but also with special characters and signs. Order to engrave the US flag, USMC Eagle sign or a sign of the army or police department.
Celebrate your man choosing the cuff for a marines graduation gift. Engrave a marines sign outside and a hidden message inside to send your hero a prayer or love words to let him know you are proud of him.
This may also become a memorial bracelet (KIA or POW cuff) to honor the memory of a victim, hero of terrorism or war.

Independence Day gift idea, Army Jewelry for him. Black silver bracelet, the best men's custom accessory.
This is POW bracelet to honor the hero or to become a remembrance piece, a memory bracelet. Crafted in minimalist style, the wide black sterling silver cuff features enough space to be custom engraved on the both bracelet sides: with words, dates, an emblem etc. Military gifts for men.

Military Gift for him or her, Army daughter gift. Give your guardian angel - mom or wife - this bracelet to show you appreciate their care!
Handcrafted of high quality sterling silver, the Dandelion cuff symbolizes the happiness and a promise of complete and utter faithfulness. Personalize the Army Wife bracelet with your message: words, any emblem, symbols, dates - outside or inside!
This is an unisex cuff, a great gift for her and him. You may also order a matching custom ring engraved.

Men's personalized bracelet, KIA Memorial Hero Bracelet. Fine gift for your hero!
The cuff bracelet is crafted in sterling silver. This can become a great ID band with your message both outside and/or inside engraved.
This could be a memorial band as well as a fallen officer hero bracelet to carry the memory of the dearest friend.
Each piece is crafted in my studio, the high quality is guaranteed.

Some facts and History of Memorial Day

Traditionally, people in USA visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day, volunteers often place American flags at national cemeteries. The National Moment of Remembrance takes place at 15:00. 

Actually the custom of honoring ancestors by taking care of cemeteries and decorating graves is an ancient and worldwide tradition, but the exact origin of Memorial Day is unclear.
In America, the tradition usually has taken place in late summer together with family gatherings and picnics since long. After the Civil War, America's need for a patriotic ceremony to honor killed soldiers became clear, as the ceremonies of honoring were held in cities across the country with decorating soldiers' graves.
After the First World War, this day was extended to honor the memory of those who died in all American wars.
In 1971, by decision of Congress, Memorial Day became a national holiday; it is now celebrated annually on the last Monday in May.

Why is red poppy the symbol of the day?
On the war-torn battlefields in Europe, the red poppy (Papaver rhoeas) was one of the first plants to reappear. Its seeds scattered in the wind and fell into the ground. They only germinated when the ground was disturbed - as was the case in the very fierce battle of the First World War.
John McCrae, a Canadian soldier and physician, witnessed the war and so was inspired to write the now famous poem "In the Fields of Flanders" in 1915. He saw poppies on the battlefield scattered around him in an artillery position in Belgium.
In November 1918, a few days before the official end of the war, American professor Moina Michael wrote her own poem "We Will Keep the Faith", inspired by McCrae's "In the Fields of Flanders." In her poem she mentioned that she wore a “red poppy” to honor the memory of the dead, and with this was born the tradition of decorating clothes with one red poppy in memory of those killed in the First World War. Moina herself became known as the "Poppy Lady".

The symbol spreads abroad
Wearing poppies became a tradition in the US, the symbolism has evolved to include all veterans, both living and dead. Shortly after this custom emerged, it was adopted by other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, where it is popular to this day. In these countries, poppies are worn on Remembrance Day (November 11th).
Poppies today are not only a symbol of the death, but also of recovery and a new life, especially in support of the military people who survived the war but suffered physical and psychological trauma long after its end.

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